The Last Rodeo: Style Inspo

The Last Rodeo: Style Inspo

It's her last rodeo, which means it's time to celebrate! This theme can truly be styled in so many ways, and can easily be dressed both up or down. I've linked below some clothing pieces, accessories, and props that make for the most fun & aesthetic bachelorette party!


Red Satin Skirt - Amazon, $20.99

Red Sequin Wrap Around Skirt - Amazon, $16.99

Red Sparkly Pants - Amazon, $38.99


White Cowboy Boots - Amazon, $45.99

White Cowboy Booties - Amazon, $64.99

White GoGo Boots - Amazon, $49.99


Fur Lined White Cowboy Hat - Amazon, $14.99

Red Bandana (12-pack) - Amazon, $14.99


Red Balloons (50 pack)  - Amazon, $8.95

Disco Ball Balloons (6 pack) - Amazon, $9.99

Last Rodeo Balloon Letters - Amazon, $11.99

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