The Last Disco: Style Inpso

The Last Disco: Style Inpso

It's the Last Disco and I know you're ready to get groovy! There are endless ways to accessorize this theme, but I've linked below how I would style it. The best part about these tees? They're so cute that they can be worn even after the disco!


Sparkle Wide Leg Pants - Amazon, $23.88

Metalic Holographic Joggers - Amazon, $22.99

Sequin Wrap Skirt - Amazon, $17.66


White Cowboy Boots - Amazon, $50.99 

White GoGo Booties - Amazon, $39.99

Over The Knee GoGo Boots - Amazon, $49.99


Disco Headbands (4-piece) - Amazon, $16.99

Disco Party Veil - Amazon, $14.99


Last Disco Balloons - Amazon, $11.99

Disco Ball Balloons - Amazon, $9.99

Disco Ball Straws - Amazon, $15.99


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